Generative Intake

Automate free-text requests with dialog-based AI.

Easily create demands with our user-friendly Intake AI and omni-channel intake engine. 

For more efficiency and enablement into your procurement.

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Let AI understand the demand.

Create free-text purchase requisitions, bypassing complex forms. Our platform understands requester needs by accessing procurement data for human-like interactions. Purchase requisitions are instantly analysed with our natural language engine, structuring, categorising, and processing PRs efficiently.

Instant checks in catalogs.

Integrate real-time catalog checks within our chat feature. Our system instantly compares user requests against existing procurement catalogs. This ensures that free-text requests are generated only when truly necessary, optimizing resource utilization and promoting efficient procurement practices.

Use Generative AI
to write RFQs.

The AI organizes the data and matches it with in-house standards, assisting the procurement team in asking the requestor the right questions at the right time. Taking it a step further, the AI writes a statement of work or RFQ within a few seconds based on the analysed request. This results in a reduced rework rate by up to 78%.

Provide chat based procurement guidance.

Help users navigate the procurement process based on your predefined guidelines. The platform taps into your knowledge repositories like Confluence or Sharepoint and makes them easily accessible within one user friendly chat interface.

Connect to MS Teams
or run stand alone.

Our Omni-channel Intake Engine combines purchase requests from different systems like MS Teams, ERPs or eProcurement. Keep your existing systems in place. No need for rip & replace. Enhance the accuracy and flexibility of your requisition management.

Demand. Simplified. Empowered.

Intuitive interface.

Requestors and buyers can manage and execute PRs in an intuitive frontend.


Requesters experience rapid RFQ creation and bid collection, accelerating procurement processes and delivery timelines.

Automated POs.

Process demands autonomously or guided with great precision and  reduce the manual touch rate of your procurement team by up to 90%


We ensure full compliance with your data protection guidelines. Check out our trust centre and information regarding data residency.

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