Augmented Procurement.

We empower enterprises to run the most intelligent procurement – human & artificial.

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Start your path to an intelligent & augmented procurement.

More than 50% of today’s procurement tasks will be automated in the next 5 years, but companies face massive data gaps, hindering their path to automation.

As a leading enterprise AI platform for procurement, we are trusted by corporate procurement leaders and suppliers around the world. Leveraging the latest machine learning technology and proprietary data architecture our Augmented Procurement Platform provides value creation along the entire procurement process.

Accelerate productivity, optimise spend and manage an agile procurement with Procure Ai today!

Commercial success.

Unlock hidden saving potential leveraging Procure Ai’s predictive pricing and continuous contract scanner. Our algorithms work in the background for you and help to get the best price on every purchase order.

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Commercial Success
Reduce process costs

Reduce process costs.

Automation is the essential path to lower process costs. Procure Ai uses analytical models to boost the level of automation in operational procurement — e.g. commercial agreements, demand structuring, CO2 data collection, and much more.

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Increase transparency.

Procurement lacks continuous transparency on spend analysis, reliability, pricing, and risks. Procure Ai provides in-depth and easy-access procurement intelligence. Explore real-time data analytics to see the full story on the ground. Identify the best suppliers for your business. Profit from smart call-to-actions to quickly act on saving potentials and supply risks.

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Increase transparency
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