Combine insights & automation.

Trusted by buyers and suppliers our platform provides the most accessible and comprehensive data insights and automation to your procurement.

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Autonomous Procurement Operations

Turn strategic buying decisions into tactical procurement at scale

  • Automate execution, negotiation and award decisions within routine sourcing events
  • Leverage ML models for advanced analytics (e.g. price predictions and supplier discovery)
  • AI-based sourcing decisions only forwards to procurement experts if needed
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Data-driven decision making

Lift data driven decision making to the next level

  • Support sourcing decisions and guide procurement experts through the sourcing event
  • Boost negotiation with deep insights - From price predictions and benchmarks to market developments and more
  • Make award decisions based on true costs by evaluating switching costs, supplier reliability or carbon footprint
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Procurement Intelligence

Lift data driven decision making to the next level

  • Support strategic buying with Google-like search to find any piece of procurement information
  • Fully integrated with your existing backend systems and other data sources
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